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Is it just me, or doesn’t What A Girl Wants sound an awfully lot like the Princess Diaries? Girl finds out dad is royal/wealthy, girl must learn to fit into that world only to find out she’s fine as she is. And so on. If I was Meg Cabot, who wrote that book, I’d be either mad or flattered. Either way, it will be interesting to see how it does this weekend. Does the teen market still have the buying power to bring a movie targeted to them to number one? I guess it would be good, for obvious reasons, if the answer is yes.

Meanwhile, I’m getting a haircut today. Big happenings. I’m also starting to think about getting a new publicity picture taken, something which is long overdue and which I *totally* dread, because, as anyone who reads this journal regularly knows, I don’t photograph well. At all. It’s like a curse, I swear. But it has to be done. I intend to brace myself and go in with a good attitude. Hard to do, considering earlier results, but I remain hopeful. Always.

And it’s Friday. I mean, how can you complain? Right now my dog is outside rolling around in the dandelions. When I go to call him, he’ll just look at me as if he’s completely whacked out on the drug that is spring, panting, tongue hanging out, happy as can be. I have never seen anyone enjoy a pretty day so much. I think I should take a lesson. Maybe we all should.

have a good day everyone!