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I have to say that my knowledge of pop culture is a bit of a pride thing for me. I mean, there has to be some value in all the hours I spend reading People, Us Weekly, Entertainment Weekly, and so on. So when I took the EW Pop Culture Quiz in the latest issue this weekend, I was a little dismayed that I scored in the middle tier, and not the high one. Some of the questions were HARD, though! (You can take an online version here if you’re so inclined, but if you’re a total pop culture nerd with something to prove like myself, I’d pick up EW at the newsstand or wherever and take the one in there.) If this proves nothing else, though, it at least makes it clear that maybe I need a new hobby, or something.

In other news, yesterday I went to a party celebrating the publication of my friend Pam Duncan’s second book, Plant Life, which has just come out. So exciting. I’ve known Pam since we took a class together with Lee Smith at NCSU years ago, and she’s one of those folks that you just want good things to happen to. Her first book, Moon Women, was great. If you like Southern fiction, check it and this new one out.

Meanwhile, I *really* want to go to the movies today. It’s a great day for it…rainy, kind of cold, a bit dreary. Popcorn would really do the trick, I think. Maybe I’ll go see What a Girl Wants, which got decent reviews. Or View From the Top, which sort of did as well. It’s the kind of day where you don’t really care what you see, as long as you can slump down in a dark theatre and hide out for a couple of hours. So nice.

have a good day everyone!