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It’s cold and rainy and I’m just in one of those moods. I need to brighten, lighten, cheer up. Something! Seeing the sun would help, but that’s not in the cards until Saturday.


I think part of my problem is that Tax day is coming up, which is always uber stressful. Normally I’d have my return long filed, but due to various things too complicated to go into, I’m cutting it close this year. Entirely too close for my comfort. In fact, as I write this, I am sitting by the phone waiting for my accountant to call, leaping each time it rings like I’m back in seventh grade, back when I really and truly believed that hot guy from my Language Arts class was actually going to pick me (me!) of all the girls in our grade. (He didn’t, by the way.) It’s sad how waiting by the phone doesn’t really change, even when the reasons do. When I’m busy and don’t want to talk to people, it rings nonstop. When I’m just sitting, waiting, it’s silent and still. Sheesh.

have a good day everyone!