Well, I’m just back from the movies. (I have a popcorn hangover, in fact, that too much butter feeling.) Went to see What A Girl Wants, which was cute, but not really my cup of tea. What does it mean when you start to think you’re getting too old for teen movies? A scary thought. Especially if you write books for teens. Maybe I was just biased, though, because I watched Say Anything again last night, and it’s just the best teen movie EVER, so that anything would pale in comparison. I’ve decided that I am in love with both Cameron Crowe and John Cusak, in that married-woman-wistful-but-chaste sort of way. Cameron Crowe I’ve loved forever, but John Cusak is sort of new. Or maybe I’m just in love with Lloyd Dobler. That’s not really new either, though.

Another person I love: Dar Williams. Or, as birdonawireannamo would say, “Dar! Dar! Dar!” I’m going to buy tickets to her show here, I swear I am. I’m a total convert, and yes, Beauty of the Rain is STILL in my car CD player, even though at this point I know I’m risking being totally burned out on it in the near future. No matter. I have to keep listening to it, have to, have to.

It’s Friday and tonight I am Going Out. Which I never do, so it’s just so exciting. I hope I’m not too old for that, too. Again: scary thought.

have a good day everyone!