I am just too old to go out past ten anymore. I swear, all day I’ve been trying to recover from my Friday night. This morning I found myself with a headache, slightly hungover I think, at the county dump. It occurred to me that it was like a bad country western song, like this was truly the bottom rung of a bad day. Ugh.

(On the flip side, the dump was sort of interesting. It’s a real incentive for recycling to see all those old appliances, pieces of wood, not to mention huge piles of garbage and containers all stinking in the warm morning sun.Again: ugh. Cue that music. I am an avid recycler, the kind of person who will eyeball you if you stick your can or bottle in the trash. Still, it’s always good to know every little bit helps.)

Meanwhile, today I planted my summer flower seeds in the garden. Two kinds of sunflowers, two kinds of zinnias. I always plant sunflowers, because it seems like everyone can grow them: they even grow them in the medians here, between lanes of traffic. But for some reason, for me, they NEVER come up. I am hopeful this year that maybe my luck will change. But I’ll still have zinnias, at any rate. (As long as the deer don’t get them.)

have a good day everyone!