Ah, Monday.


Actually, today is beautiful. Sunny, warm, and I don’t have a whole lot I absolutely must do so I am free to spend as much of it as I want outside. So nice.

Yesterday, my friend David came over to take a new publicity photo of me. I’ve only had a few taken over the years, the last one like, three years ago, and none of them look like me anymore. But anyone who reads this journal knows how uncomfortable I am getting my picture taken…I hate having to force a smile, and I’m weird about my teeth, god, there are just *many* issues. Luckily David knows me well and is patient, and even luckier he is married to my best friend Bianca, who was along to hold the light-reflector thingy (sorry, don’t know the technical term) and to mess with my hair when it wasn’t cooperating. David took three rolls of film, and it is my only hope that in ONE of the pictures I look happy and natural and my nose isn’t strange. (If you want to see the worst picture of me taken ever, go to the movie page on my website and scroll down to the bottom, to see a lovely shot of Mandy Moore and me looking just about as bad as is humanly possible. I mean, really. You can see for yourself here. )

See? I told you. But what can you do when you have one, and only one, picture with Mandy Moore? You show it to people. Even if you do look weird.

God, I just looked at the time. I’ve already spent entirely too much of this day inside….time to go!

have a good day everyone!