Had you been a 2003 Best Picture nominee, you would have been “Chicago.” As “Chicago,” are fashionable and clever. Your personality draws in others like a flame does a moth. If others hate you, it is bound to be from jealousy.

What 2003 Best Picture Nominee Are You?

By Madeline Elster

I was thinking I’d be The Hours. But I’ve seen Chicago, so at least I can relate. A little bit.

Last night I went to see Anger Management, the number one movie in the country. It was….okay. Fine. A bit long-feeling, but that might have just been me. How weird is it when you see a movie and don’t have much bad to say but not much good, either. It’s just sort of…okay. Fine. This sort of non-opinion probably isn’t a good thing, I think. But my husband did buy bulk yogurt covered pretzels at the theatre and those, those were FANTASTIC. I think it’s sort of sad when you’re more excited about the food than the movie.

In local news, my beloved UNC Tarheels have a new coach. Welcome, Roy! You can’t imagine how happy we are to see you. Now, just perform a few miracles, please. Thanks!

have a good day everyone!