Man, the pollen thing is a little bit out of control. I’m not normally even affected, but I’ve had a runny nose for a few days straight now. And there’s yellow dust covering everything, just the faintest layer.


But I digress.

I can’t believe it’s the middle of April. Doesn’t time pass faster as the weather gets warmer? Last week at this time (which seems like a blink ago, literally) it was cold and rainy. Now, bright bright sun, warm breeze, and I already have the beginnings of a farmer’s tan (i.e., for you urban types, from the end of the shirtsleeve down) from driving and being outside. Two breaths from now it will be May. Yippee!

(I am being impossibly wordy, attempting to be entirely too literary. Sorry about that.)

In other, wonderful news, Christopher Guest’s new movie, A Mighty Wind, opens today. But not, sadly, here. If you live in a Big City, I am hopelessly jealous as you can now go see it, while I have to wait another few weeks for it to trickle down to our smaller market. Sigh. On the flip side, Bend it Like Beckham is here now, so that is at least looming for the weekend. I am back in movie mode. Yay!

have a good day everyone!