Yesterday, someone posted a comment about when I’m going to begin my devilled eggs ritual, as summer weather is now, if not here, clearly on the way.

Well. Hard to say.

I used to be a real purist about my devilled eggs: I made them first on Memorial Day weekend, then for the last time of the summer over Labor Day. In the purist’s view, devilled eggs are strictly a summer delicacy, like lemonade and hamburgers cooked on the grill. But really, if you love something, shouldn’t you enjoy it all year long? My husband’s grandmother puts out devilled eggs at Christmas, and I’ve never thought twice about making a beeline straight for them. I shouldn’t have to wait another month to make eggs. Right?

So that was my thinking yesterday, as I looked ahead to today, which is a holiday, and thought: ah, perfect. However, then I woke up this morning and it’s a bit cold and kind of drizzly and I lost all my egg momentum. (Now that I look back at that, it is a really weird pairing of words. Hmmmm.) Maybe tomorrow. If it’s warm. And all the signs feel right. I’ll leave it up to fate, which usually works for me in the end.

have a good day everyone….