One of my life’s dreams came true today: my name is in Entertainment Weekly. (And not just on the mailing label, either!) The Spring Movie Preview arrived in my mailbox today, a few hours after my friend David emailed me to tell me there was a writeup of How to Deal in it. I told him I would freak out when I saw it, and I did.

I LOVE Entertainment Weekly, am a longtime subscriber from, like, the first year they began publishing. I used to dream of the day when one of my books would be written up, or (gasp!) a movie based on one of my books, and now it’s happened. Even better, they draw a sort-of parallel between the plot of the movie and 90210, which, as most of you know, is one of very favorite shows of all time. (I think they might have meant this in a bad way, but I am the last person who is going to take it that way. The last!)

It makes it all seem, I don’t know, real. Yikes!

have a good day everyone!