I have written before here about how living in the country certainly has brought me closer to nature. I mean, first, there’s the daily cow sightings going to and from town. Then, the other morning, I woke up and looked out the window to see two pilliated woodpeckers (I know I’m spelling pilliated wrong, but it’s the end of the semester and I’m too tired to look it up) moving up and down a tree right outside. As I watched them, enjoying this National Geographic-esque moment, the tableau was completed by a bunch of deer running past in the background. So pretty. (Although, as I’ve also written here before, they were probably en route to stripping my plants of any and all greenery.) And to cap it all off, a few moments ago I was walking to the mailbox when a hawk swooped overhead, landing in a nest at the top of a nearby tree, which, from the screeching that followed, was full of baby hawks. Throw in the occasional black snake and voles and lizards scampering past, and we’re a Nature special every darn day. But it’s the bats that freak me out. I KNOW they kill mosquitoes, and are good for the environment, but I still prefer to tell myself they’re little black birds as they go swooping past at dusk. Makes me feel better, anyway.

have a good day everyone!