So today I’m standing in line at the post office on campus looking at the Cliffs Notes, which are displayed nearby. (Above them are two signs: one says CLIFF NOTES ARE NONRETURNABLE and another says IF YOU USE CLIFF NOTES TO WRITE YOUR PAPER, YOU MUST CITE THEM. OTHERWISE, IT’S PLAGARISM.) All the big, hard to read titles are there: The Sound and the Fury, Paradise Lost, etc. And then, I see something else. It’s an audio version of Cliffs Notes, for The Great Gatsby.

I mean, really. So you’re too lazy to read the book, AND too lazy to read the Cliffs Notes of the book. So you buy the audio version, and listen to it, so you don’t have to read at all. People! Come on!


In the interest of full disclosure, though, I must admit that while struggling through Trolius and Cressida back in my own college days, I picked up the Cliffs Notes and glanced over them. Just as I did so, the hardest English professor I EVER had here at UNC happened to walk by and see me. Oh, the shame. Really. He just smiled, and kept walking, while I stuffed the guide back on the rack and slunked away.

In other news, it’s Tuesday. Last week of classes. There’s that sense of Almost-There in the air, you can feel it everywhere. One class to go!

have a good day everyone…