Today, while checking out one of my very favorite websites, Page Six, I read a piece on the upcoming 90210 reunion. And I had a total Jack MacFarland moment: Peter, Paul and Mary, I can’t believe it!

So apparently it’s happening on May 11th, and the reason it was written up in the Post is that Tori Spelling has decided NOT to appear. Shannen Doherty is (bit of a shock) but all I really care about is that Luke Perry will be there. I just love him, love love love him. So totally exciting. Okay, so maybe it’s a little early for nostalgia (it’s been off the air what, two years? Three?) but that won’t stop me from watching. 90210 is one of the few shows that I think I’ve seen every episode (Friends being the other) and it just never gets old for me. Even if the characters do.

In other news, Friday I leave for L.A. and the Festival of Books, where This Lullaby is nominated for an award. (Other nominees: E.R. Frank, M.T. Anderson, Kate Banks and Joyce Carol Oates. I know, I know. Never in my life did I expect to be in any group that included Joyce Carol Oates, ever.) I’ve never been to the Festival but it sounds like a blast. Can’t wait. And I am SO due a vacation, although I will be boarding the plane with about twenty student papers to read en route. Oh, well. At least it’s good reading.

have a good day everyone…