Well, it’s the end of the semester. Today, I had my last class with my Intro folks, such a good group. You can tell by their picture:

Then we did what all classes should do, at the end of a hard semester. We played kickball. I pitched to my team first, and on about the third roll of the ball one of my students kicked the ball directly at my head. (Not on purpose. I don’t think. Just kidding, Tom!) It sounded like this: WHAAAP! Ouch. Luckily, it did not leave a mark, a good thing since I could not really picture myself having to explain at the Book Festival that the welt on my face was a kickball injury. Honestly.

It was just so much fun. Most Valuable player was Robbie, for reasons best illustrated by this picture:

(For his prize, he got to keep the kickball. Robbie also caught a ball that was headed straight towards the head of a parent on a UNC prospective student tour, quite possibly saving my career. The tour groups were everywhere this morning! It added a true element of danger to the game, other than the balls to the head thing.)

And now, tomorrow, I head to L.A. I’m excited. I’m ready. I have some sort of pain in my foot from running in bare feet around the bases. All good though. All good.

have a good weekend everyone!