Okay, so I didn’t win the L.A. Book Prize. But it’s okay, because M.T. Anderson DID win, and I really, really like him. (Even though I only met him about twenty-four hours ago.) All in all, this L.A. Trip has been a total blast. Yesterday’s celebrity sightings at the Book Festival included: Carl Reiner, George Plimpton, Amy Tan, Nicolas Sparks, Po Bronson, and, in the space of about fifteen minutes, Barney AND Heidi Fleiss. (Just try to find the meaning in that, I dare you.) Topper of all was when I was at the bar last night and ended up in a conversation with Naomi Wolfe. Naomi Wolfe! I mean, please! Also on Friday night, while at this super-trendy restaurant with my cousins, I saw Sarah Gilbert, who played Darlene on Roseanne, a show I used to watch with something approaching religious fervor. I swear, this place is just too exciting for me. It’s a good thing I head home tomorrow, where I’m more likely to see a cow than someone famous.

But first, in matter of minutes, me and Anna and Rachel are heading out to buy a star map and drive around Beverly Hills, so I can play tourist for my last afternoon here. Once I’m home, though, I intend to totally collapse. I think I’ll need a least a week to recover from this. But once I am rested, I will fill in all the rest of the details, as well as post a few pictures. And finish my papers and hand in my grades. And do about ten loads of laundry. And about a million other things. But for now, I am on vacation. At least for a few more hours.

have a good day everyone!