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So I just have to provide this link to Summer’s How to Deal page, which I think is so cool and also features a picture of me and her at the Festival of Books, which I’m grateful for, since I didn’t think to take any pictures at my signings. It’s always really nice when people come by specifically to see you, when they actually know who you are, instead of just passing by looking at you somewhat curiously but not stopping. Signings are weird that way. At the Festival, I’d been preceeded by Strawberry Shortcake (no, I am not joking. This is part of what happens when your books are technically “childrens” or something.) Anyway, so all these people kept coming up and saying, “Where’s Strawberry Shortcake? Where’s Strawberry Shortcake?” while I was sitting there feeling more than a little demoralized. I mean, it’s kind of depressing when a fictional character pulls in more people than you do.


But then, Summer came by. Which was so nice. And a girl named Sophia showed up with her dad, was actually waiting for me when I arrived, copy of one of my books in hand. Also there was Amanda, who squealed and jumped up and down and made me almost blush I was so flattered. So I felt better. Signings are never really indicative of whether your books are being read, I know that, but I have a bad history with sitting alone at a table for hours, no one coming by, so I’m a bit gunshy about the whole thing. Oh, well. The bookstore people—Mrs. Nelson’s, I believe it was—were really great, and all in all it was a good time. Even with the whole Strawberry Shortcake thing.

What was really interesting, actually, was how many people came up to the tie-in paperback for How to Deal, which has Mandy on the cover. I mean, it was like a magnetic thing: they’re just walking by, not even looking at me, and then they see the book, see her, and boom, over they come. So weird. I guess I should get used to it, but it might take a little while.

(FYI I think the tie-in will be out in early June…they brought in a few early for the Festival, but when I know they’re in stores, I’ll let you know. It’s certainly pretty, and, as mentioned above, eye-catching.)

have a good day everyone!