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You know, every once in awhile, you might have one of those days when you’re feeling a little down. Then you read a story like this one and think, Good God, things could definitely be worse. And it cheers you up instantly.

Today is Friday. Last week at this time I was in the air, gripping the handrests of my seat and praying I would survive my trip out West. I am very happy that I did, and even happier that today I have nothing quite that pressing on my plate. I always do this, the looking forwards and backwards, what was I doing right now then, what will I do be doing right now a week from now. I am trying to live more in the moment. I am trying to do a lot of things. But some habits you just can’t break.

Last night, I was seized by an urge to buy Two Weeks Notice on DVD while it is on sale this week. I wasn’t even that crazy about the movie, but for some reason, I really WANT it. Weird. Another habit I’m trying to break: flagrant, unnecessary spending. It’s so hard. And when I have idle time I always want to shop. Me without things to do gets expensive.

But things could be worse. I could be facing the decision of death, or amputating my own arm with a pocketknife. See? I feel better already.

have a good day, everyone……