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During the last American Idol, I resisted for the most part. My best friend was watching it religiously, though, and I ended up sort of sucked in at the end, along with the rest of the country. This time around I’ve managed to abstain as well, but it’s a little harder because one of the finalists, Clay Aiken, is from Raleigh (part of the this Triangle Area in which I live, for you non-N.C. folks) so the local paper, which I DO read every day, has had regular updates and articles. Gotta pull for the hometown favorite, I guess. But today there was this, which was, well, a little disturbing. And we still have a few weeks left to go.

In other news, for more proof on why I love my students, past and present: today, I was sitting in the hallway of the English department filling out my parking permit form, when a guy who was in my class last spring passed by and said hello. “Hey,” he added, “congrats on that L.A.Times finalist thing!” To which I said, “Thanks. I didn’t win, though.” And he smiles, all big and sweet, and says, “You’re a failure!” And then walks away laughing. And I’m laughing too, even as some of my co-workers looked on, aghast. You just have to have been in one of my classes to understand that this kind of humor is acceptable, I guess. Either that, or I’m just not sensitive enough, something I have never been accused of. Never!

have a good day everyone…