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So I’m leaving town tomorrow morning to go to my cousin Michael’s wedding in Miami. So exciting. My family is big and crazy and fun and I haven’t seen several of them for ages. I got a pedicure today and am packing lots of sunscreen. Now if I can just survive yet another plane trip I’ll be fine.

Two items for thought before I leave you, however. Number one is the 90210 Reunion special happening on Sunday night, which I’ve mentioned before, but doesn’t it bear repeating? Doesn’t it? Exactly. It’s on Fox, and today I took a quiz in Us Weekly to test my 90210 knowledge. I was expecting to ace it entirely, but I didn’t. How sad is that? I missed a question about how many times Kelly was engaged (two, apparently…to who else other than Brandon, though? I can’t remember.) as well as a few others. However, I did know immediately the name of the drug Emily Valentine gave Brandon at the club that night AND where Brenda disappeared to for school when she left the show. Guesses, anyone?

In other news, I found this about the How to Deal soundtrack on, and how exciting is it that Cat Stevens is on it. I LOVE that song. It was on the mix tape my cousin Lucy made me that I listened to non-stop for about, oh, two years. I like that the songs aren’t all just top forty stuff…I think it’s a good sign.

have a good weekend everyone!