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Okay, so last night I watched the 90210 special, because I am so lame that the night it was on I went to bed right after it started. So sad when you’re laying in bed at 9:20 on a Sunday night and just so happy to be about to go to sleep you can’t even stand it. I was just drifting off when my husband says, “Oh, man, The Cramps are playing in Carrboro tonight. I was gonna go.” To which I said, “Well, it’s not like you can’t still..they probably don’t go on for another hour or two.” I mean really, it’s pathetic. But I need my sleep. Otherwise, it makes me moodier than I am naturally, and I am pretty damn moody even on a good day.

But I digress.

Back to 90210. I have to say, I was a little disappointed in the reunion. I mean, I know it was only an hour, and they did have ten years to cover, but it just seemed kind of fluffy to me. And was it just me, or did Shannen Doherty sort of dominate the conversation? Jenny Garth didn’t get in two words, it seemed like, and she pretty much carried the show for the last six years. You could FEEL that cold breeze blowing between them, couldn’t you? Probably why they stuck Luke Perry there, although he seemed mighty comfortable considering he took his shoes off and sat like he was in the story circle in kindergarten. This is normal for him, though: I saw him on Regis and Kathie Lee years ago also sitting like that, trying to fold up his legs underneath him. What does that mean? Do I even want to know?

It’s not like I don’t think Brenda was a big part of the show: she was. But she left under such a cloud and then was just gabbing away all through the reunion…I just wanted to hear more from everyone else. It was weird to see The Walshes turn up at the end (have you seen Cindy in that commercial for T.J. Maxx?) all impromptu-like when it was really forced and staged. I don’t know, I don’t know what I expected. Maybe just more, or something. But it wasn’t like 90210 was ever some big example of fine, quality, fullfilling programming. That’s why I loved it. So I’ll just shut up now.

In other news, I found a graphic of the cover for the How To Deal paperback tie-in on the Barnes and Noble site. According to them, it goes on sale on June 2nd, for those of you who have been asking. Never in my life did I think I’d see my name and Mandy Moore’s on the same, well, anything. So weird! But in a good way.

And finally, on a personal note, I want to send out congrats to my friend Leigh and her now-fiance John: they just got engaged. See? It’s like I said yesterday….weddings just make you feel good about the world. Yay!

have a good day everyone…..