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So we’re completely on the verge of utter Matrix domination. I can’t tell you how many pop-up ads I’ve had to click closed on movie sites, not to mention the commercials, not to mention that Entertainment Weekly has devoted two covers to Matrix Reloaded in the last few weeks. It is just enforcing the opinion I expressed here earlier that I am a true moron and just don’t GET it. While the rest of the world does.

The problem with subscribing to so many magazines, and reading so much movie and entertainment stuff on the Web, is that by the time a movie actually opens, I’m already sometimes sick of it. I know too much, even everything about it, it’s like I’ve already seen it. How sad is that?

(Two movies I want to see this week that do not involve complex metaphysical themes and kick-ass stunts: Daddy Daycare and A Mighty Wind. I feel matinees calling, I really do.)

Also crowding the pop culture horizon: American Idol. Last night my husband and I watched a bit of it, mostly just to keep up to date on what was happening. I think what’s cool about these three that are left is that none of them look like the “typical” pop star: in body type, personality, everything they’re more like normal folks. Which is really nice. And while we want to pull for our hometown Clay, I have to say I think Ruben is going to take it. Just a thought. Now he’ll get voted off tonight and I’ll feel like an idiot. And then Matrix Reloaded with open and make a hundred billion gazillion dollars and everyone will be nodding excitedly and knowingly, totally understanding it, and I’ll feel even more so.


I think I’ll go read a book. Yes. That, I understand.

Have a good day everyone!