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Oh, my God. Richard Simmons is coming to town this weekend.

I don’t know if I’ve been bold enough in here before to discuss my somewhat small but always present obsession with Richard Simmons. It goes back ages, if you want the whole truth. I used to watch his show when I was seven or eight, all those women in leg warmers doing toe-touches and such. Then I got sucked into the infomercials, not to mention his multiple appearances on all the talk shows. If you’ve seen him, you know what I mean. Richard Simmons is a force, an entity. If you see him, you just can’t tear your eyes away.

(If in doubt, or *gasp!* you don’t know anything about him, find out everything here. )

The real root of all this for me, though, came in a day back in the eighties (no, I won’t say what year, because I am already freaked enough about my upcoming birthday, 33! Thirty-three! But back to Richard) when I saw him, right here in Chapel Hill. I was with a bunch of my friends, sitting on the curb of this parking lot (don’t ask) when this big white stretch limo pulls up. We asked the driver who it was for and he said Richard Simmons (insert snorting laughter from everyone else/total excitement from me here) and then there was the man himself, coming down the alleyway. He was all in white: shirt, pants (this was pre-teeny-tiny shorts era) and long, flowing coat. He was also totally tan. He saw us and waved, then yelled “Who’s smoking over there?” Everyone who was lifted up their cigarettes and he made a disgusted, tsk-tsk face. A guy who was with us ran over and asked for his autograph (insert hysterical snorting here from all of us) and Richard signed obligingly, then got in his limo and drove away. The autograph said, Go to Health! Richard Simmons.

Don’t ask me why, but I just love that story. Love it.

Anyway, if you’ve read Keeping the Moon (Last Chance in the U.K.) you can see Richard’s influence all over Kikimania, with Wake Up and Work Out, and the Kikifoods, and all that. So many times I’ve wanted to send him a copy of the book, but I’ve never done it. Maybe I should now. Hmmmmm.

(You know, reading over this, it occurs to me that I often share not only too much in this journal, but things that do not reflect well on me AT ALL. Someone stop me. Please.)


Have a good day everyone…..