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Okay, so it’s that time again: summer reading. Beach books. Pool books. Laying-around-on-the-bed-doing-nothing books. Because I’m reading a lot lately for the News and Observer Book Page (thank you, free books!) and summer is the time when I choose to totally immerse myself in reading simply because I Can, I figured I’d take this opportunity to pass along some of the books I’ve been into lately. In case you’re looking for something to take to the pool, the beach, or, you know, your bed or couch. (A vacation is a vacation, right?)

In no real particular order, just as they come to mind….

1. The Dirty Girls Social Club, by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. I read this on the plane on the way back from L.A., all in one day. That’s what a swift and good read it is. Great voices, cool women. Just the perfect summer book, hands down. Look no further!

2. The Devil Wears Prada, by Lauren Weisberger. This was fun and fluffy, although the narrator can get a bit irritating. Also I think it helps to be from or in NYC as a lot of the people in the book who are not are portrayed as somewhat stupid or uncultured. But, well, whatever.

3. Second Helpings, by Megan McCafferty. I’m reading this right now, and I’m loving it. If you read Sloppy Firsts, the book that preceded it, you’ve probably already put this down to buy for summer, but if not, you are a lucky person because now you have TWO awesome books to add to your list. Jessica Darling rocks. ‘Nuff said.

4. Plant Life, by Pamela Duncan. Okay, so she’s my friend and all, but I just really liked this book, especially the way it portrays Southern women. Maybe read the Weisberger book, then this one to get the flip side. Again: two books! You’re so lucky!

5. In Full Bloom, by Caroline Hwang. I just liked this because it was another take on the girl-looking-for-love-in-big-city thing. The narrator, Ginger, is Korean and also dealing with her mother and their shared culture, which gives it an added depth. (Something many in this genre are totally lacking.)

6. Finally, a book that’s not out yet, but will be soon: My Not So Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel, which I got to read early, lucky me. This book is just great: it’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s set in Cape Cod, I mean, what more do you want? It’s a first novel from Rosemary Graham, who has put together a rocking website for it (check it out here) and there’s a contest, too. So go take a look.

As an added note, I can’t recommend enough for summer or ANYTIME a subscription to Us Weekly, definitely the ultimate guilty pleasure. I mean, it’s like the magazine equivalent of Richard Simmons, you can’t stop yourself from looking at it. I always have mine on the coffee table and the second anyone even sits down anywhere near it they are grabbing it up to read the latest on Britney or Justin or J Lo or whoever. You know, with all the real reading you’ll be doing, you’ll need something just flip through now and then. Right? Right.

have a good day everyone!