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A busy, rainy Saturday. I have a wedding shower, a bookstore tea, and then a scheduled collapse after that. (For you local types, I’ll be at Market Street Books and Maps, in Southern Village, at 4pm. I think you have to call ahead to make a reservation. But I don’t know. Anyway.)

I went to see Daddy Daycare yesterday. Frivolous, silly fun. Just what I needed, a bit of stupid escapism for two hours. I ate an entire small popcorn (which is, contrary to the name, quite a bit of popcorn). Then we went to a neighbor’s house for lobster. Yummmmmm. I have a food hangover today: that butter heavy diet will do it to you.

For your viewing pleasure, I thought I’d include this link the cover for the UK edition of This Lullaby, which will be published in July. Check it out here. I just love it, myself. But I’m a bit biased.

have a good day everyone…