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Good morning.

It is cool and cloudy for the third consecutive day here. Everyone I know is in a funk.

To ward off one of my own, I went to see Down with Love yesterday, and LOVED it. Really. I was disappointed to see it didn’t do so well at the box office…but I think it might be that some people just don’t get it. You have to really have seen all those old Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies to get the entire vibe, and of course, I have, so I thought it was great. They used to run those—Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back—on the Sunday morning movie, and I remember just laying in bed and watching them, marvelling at that fun, festive Technicolor world, where all the outfits were to die for and the first thing everyone did the moment they came home was pour themselves a Scotch. (Now, I think we all check our voice mail. Or in my case, let the dogs out. But I wonder if I had a snazzy bar like Ewan McGregor if maybe I wouldn’t partake each time I walked in. Horribly counterproductive, I would think, though. But I digress.) I thought Renee was great, and I left feeling happy and fullfilled and with a sudden urge to start wearing black liquid eyeliner every day, since all the women did in the movie and it just looked so good on them. It was just a cute movie, fun and visually amazing: it’s like you fall right into it, all the details from the clothes to the furnishings to just the bright colors. (Can you tell I liked it?) Anyway. I highly recommend it if you’re feeling gloomy. Just what the doctor ordered.

They showed the How to Deal trailer before the movie, and again, I was alone, with no one’s arm to grab or even to share an excited glance with. Why does that always happen to me? Instead I just sit there, grinning like an idiot, while I am sure those around me rearrange themselves to put more seats between us. I am such a nerd. Truly.

have a good day everyone!