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Clay Aiken mania is hitting a fever pitch here: the Local Boy is all over the news. The first story on the morning local news here today was about American Idol. Not about our agricultural commissioner, who is ensnarled in a nasty scandal and has been asked to step down by the governor, and refused. Not about our Senator who is running for president and recently participated in his second debate with the other candidates. And not even about anything even slightly on this level of newsworthiness. Nope: it’s all about Clay.


With me, it’s all about the annoyance of how long everything is dragged out. I mean, do we really need six hours for two people to sing and announce results? It’s so blantantly about advertising dollars, and money, and considering all the product placement (Paula’s cokes, those Ford commercials) it shouldn’t surprise me. Or bother me: after all, I am the poster girl for stupid consumerism (witness me dropping fifty bucks at the Gap yesterday when I only stepped in to “browse” while waiting for a friend.) High morals aside, I’m really just a very impatient person. I hate to wait, especially unnecessarily. Grrrr.

In other news, the wait is over for us Sex and The City fans, as Season Four hits DVD today. Yay! Yesterday I told my husband that this is what I want for my birthday, but now I am seriously wondering if I can wait that long to have it in my hot little hand. Probably not. Again, I am an impatient person. It’s getting expensive, to be honest. Again: Grrrr.

(I hate when I look over an entry and think I sound so cranky and unreasonable. I’m not like that. Really. I just haven’t had my coffee yet. A little caffeine and I’ll be pleasant as punch. I promise.)

have a good day everyone!