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Aunt Becky
You’re AUNT BECKY! By far the most normal of the
“Full House” bunch. You’re a strong
woman and a good friend.

Which “Full House” Character Are You?
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Why I took this quiz, I have no idea. Maybe it has to do with this:

25 forever cool
My Inner Age

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Although by the time I was 25, that show was off the air. Wasn’t it? Oh, God. Cannot be dwelling on the age thing. 33 is just TOO CLOSE.

The other day, at a bookstore appearance, a very nice elderly woman approached me and said she really enjoyed the program. I thanked her for coming, and she went on to say that she also enjoyed reading my online journal, even though she knew she wasn’t exactly the target audience. Which got me to thinking: who IS reading this journal? I know my cousins do, as well as a few of my former students, and I know my best friend does (she’s even left the occasional snarky comment, usually concerning American Idol, only to confess later) but as for the rest it’s a genuine mystery. The internet is so weird. I just sit here, and type out these dorky little entries, and then out they go into the world, to whoever comes across them.

Whoa. (No Matrix allusion intended.)

Anyway, back to real life. I’m off to the post office.

have a good day everyone!