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Happy Memorial Day!

Yes, the official beginning of summer, and therefore, as promised: devilled eggs.

(Note that I could not wait to eat one until after the picture was taken. Impulse control is clearly not my strong suit. And also note that yes, I am SUCH the nerd with my customized devilled egg plate, which is shaped, as you can see, like an egg. Oh, how sad am I.)

Not really. Actually, I love my devilled egg plate, and have been in fact coveting one at Crate and Barrel that is even fancier, with two levels. Two! One day, it wil be mine.

Well, it’s been raining all weekend, which really sucks. I’m trying to make the best of it by going to the movies. I saw A Mighty Wind on Friday, which was GREAT. I just love Christopher Guest and his whole ensemble…and where Guffman was goofy, and Best in Show even more so, this one was a bit more…I don’t know, deep. Bittersweet. It’s still funny, still awesome, but there’s something more to it that I can’t really explain. If you saw it, you know what I mean.

Then, yesterday, I saw Bruce Almighty, which I wholeheartedly recommend. It’s Jim Carrey, so of course it’s silly and fun and all that. But it’s also just a good movie, even if the message is a bit much at times. Plus, Jennifer Aniston was great, and I like to see her do well in the movies. It’s the kind of film you just walk out of feeling satisfied, like those two hours were not wasted, not at all. And isn’t that what you want from a movie?

Now, it is thundering (again) cloudy (again) and since I can feel Seasonal Affective Disorder encroaching, I may be headed back to the multiplex. Maybe the In Laws. I do love Albert Brooks.

have a good day everyone….