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Yesterday, I went to a 10:45 a.m. showing of the In-Laws. I was the only person in the ENTIRE theatre. Sort of creepy, to be honest. This happens to me more than you’d think, since I seem to operate on senior citizen hours: up at crack of dawn, dinner at 6, bed by 10. Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad. Or, actually, maybe it is. But I digress.

The real point is that I’m beginning to doubt my own opinions on movies. I thought the In Laws was, you know, pretty enjoyable. Good, fun, interesting, a full story with a coherent beginning, middle and end, even if Michael Douglas does look a little long in the tooth (as they say) to be playing a swashbuckling action type (ditto for Harrison Ford in his new movie, the preview for which I’ve seen twice this weekend.) But every review I’ve read of the In Laws claimed it was terrible, the worst movie ever made. Am I just really wrong?

It’s hard to say. There have certainly been times when I’ve gone to movies or read books that I thought were truly awful, only to find that everyone else thinks they were incredible. And I wonder if I’m missing something. In this case, it’s the reverse: I’m wondering if my standards are low, or maybe I’m just seeing something no one else does. It’s so strange. When everyone else thinks something is INCREDIBLE and to you it’s just, well, okay, you can’t help but feel like maybe you might be wrong. This happened to me with—prepare to be shocked—Harry Potter. I read all the books, liked them fine. But I didn’t go crazy nuts over them, like everyone else around me, and when I tried to defend myself they just called me a muggle so I shut up.


Anyway, so after three movies in three days I think maybe I’m due a breather. Cleanse the palate, or something. Although today I went to get a pedicure, and they’d just put in Pretty Woman in the DVD player, so it was showing right over my head. I just sat there and watched the first hour or so, me and all the other women in there getting their nails done. During that scene when Julia Roberts goes back to tell the snooty salesgirls how they should have been nicer to her, I glanced around and saw all these women just staring, rapt, even though, like me, they’d probably seen it a million times before. But everyone loves that part, right? Or maybe not. I guess you never know.

have a good day everyone…..