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So yesterday, I did an interview for this YA documentary. It was very exciting: a camera crew here, lights set up everywhere, while my husband and I stood off to the side and tried to keep the dogs calm. (Hard to do.) After my interview, they wanted a shot of me walking down the driveway with one of my dogs, so I took Scout, because she is older, and somewhat calmer, and because Monkey gets, oh, ALL the attention usually because he’s a puppy and shameless about acting cute in front of people.

Anyway, so Scout does great. We walk down the driveway, get to the mailbox, and then Orbit, the dog across the street, lunges at his fence and Scout lunges back, barking wildly, and drags me across the road and almost into the bushes. So professional. So glamourous. Honestly.

(We did get the shot eventually. She really is such a good dog.)

Then I had a bookstore thing last night, after which I came home and collapsed. It was all really fun but I’ve been living this very relaxed, low-key life lately, and it was a LONG day. Luckily now I don’t have anything to do for awhile. This is bad, I think: summer has only just started, and I’m already pathologically lazy. Oh, well. Maybe next week I can be all high energy and excited, super productive, checking things off my To Do list at a rapid, confident pace.

Or, maybe not.


have a good day everyone….