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Yesterday, I rescued a turtle. This has been happening a lot lately.

If you’ve read Dreamland, you know that I’ve used the turtle thing as a plot device. But it goes way back for me personally. I can remember, as a little kid, my mom pulling our station wagon over to move a turtle that was out in the middle of the road to the other side. A couple of times, I think she even picked up turtles and put them in the car to drive them to a safer spot. For those of you who don’t know, if you see a turtle in the middle of the road and you want to move it, you MUST move it in the direction it was already facing…otherwise, it will most likely turn around and walk back out onto the asphalt and into certain peril. Don’t ask me why this is. It just is.

We’ve had tons of rain here lately, and it really brings out the turtles. I stopped a couple of days back when I saw this really little one, a baby, in the middle of our road. But as I approached he just started moving really fast (very un-turtle like) his shell bonking on the ground making this nervous little clack-clack-clack noise. He was scared to death of me. But at least he made it to the other side.

Somedays I’m in a big hurry and I’ll pass a turtle in the middle of the road and think, I can’t stop, I’ll be late, it will be fine. But I ALWAYS stop anyway, and turn back, and pull over, and move him. I can’t help myself. I feel like it’s fated, or something, and when an opportunity is presented for you to do something really good, you should just take it. Especially when it only takes a second. Even if everyone driving by thinks you’re totally nuts. Because it’s just the right thing to do.

Now, snakes are another matter. My husband will stop for those. Not me.


have a good day everyone!