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Blah blah blah blah. That’s how I feel today. Sort of blah.

I have no idea why. It’s a nice day, I don’t have a lot to do except stupid errands (buy vitamins! go to bank! etc!) it’s June, and I’m having a decent hair day for once. But still….sort of blah.

Maybe coffee will help. Or chocolate. Or both. Can’t hurt, at any rate.

The hummingbirds are back in my garden. It’s weird how they just suddenly appear one day, buzzing around the plants. Every time I see a hummingbird I remind myself to relax, because they never do. I mean, have you ever seen one be still? Ever? Are they even capable of such a thing? I sometimes think I am not, since I am always buzzing with nervous energy, the worries of my own world and the world at large, this constant sense that I should be doing something at every moment, and doing it fast and efficiently.

No wonder I’m tired.

This summer, I am trying to make a pledge to slow down. I spent all of the past year working, working, working. Writing every single day, on the strictest of schedules. Putting off everything fun for another day: when these errands are run, when the book is finished, when I have this stack of papers graded. But then, once I do finally sit down and try to decompress, I can’t. I just sit there, drumming my fingers impatiently, and then I’m up again. I think this is why I go to the movies so much. It’s the only place I can just be still for awhile, a big enough distraction that I forget everything else. I think you can miss a lot on your way to Getting Everything Done. I feel like I have, sometimes.

So, today, and from now on, I am making an earnest pledge to slow down, even if it’s just for a little bit, everyday. A moment of peace and quiet here and there, with no eye towards what else is ahead. I know it won’t be easy. Just ask the hummingbirds. But I am going to try. Who’s with me?

Have a good day everyone…..