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As I wasn’t already feeling pretty ancient, now there’s this to contemplate.

I am old enough to remember when the Olsen Twins were INFANTS. And now look at them. In fact, you should have seen them last night on Entertainment Tonight, when they did a piece on this photo shoot. They were positively vamping: I swear to you. What’s next, Maxim and Stuff? How did this happen?

(And how did I get so prudish and conservative? What’s happened to me? Okay, so maybe that’s a question for another time.)

Anyway, I was watching because I was, of course, interested in the entire Mandy thing. It’s a little ridiculous how I jump whenever I see any mention of her, hoping they’ll say something about the movie. In fact, the other night I was flipping and happened upon the Young Hollywood Awards, and there she was, accepting an award, and there was a little clip from How to Deal. It’s so strange that now, finally, I’m starting to see stuff about it. I am still not used to this. I wonder if I ever will be.

Speaking of vamping, last night, in a moment of weakness, I got sucked into watching America’s Next Top Model. I could really go on for a long time about everything that is bothersome about this show to me…but still, I watched. The elimination moment is so faux-dramatic, with Tyra Banks delivering the news of who stays or goes as if it really does have something to do with the current state of Our World. I mean really: she’s that serious. Plus there’s this model Janice Dickinson who is obviously so wanting to be the Simon of the show…she’s harsh! Things like this always make me nervous. It’s like, don’t throw out in the world what you don’t want thrown back at you. Karma and all that. Lately I’m doing all I can to do my part for the universe. Good deeds like moving turtles and holding doors open for people and saying, no, you go ahead and take that parking space, I’ll find another one. Maybe this is part of getting older, too. My vamping days may be behind me, for sure. But there’s a fair amount ahead, I think, as well.

have a good day everyone!