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First of all, an observation about yesterday’s entry: who knew the Olsen Twins would spur so much conversation? Not me. Ve-ry interesting, as Mr. Burns would say.

So yesterday, we went to see Finding Nemo. It was really very sweet, and the animation was amazing. There were parts of it, though, that I thought might be really scary for little kids, although the ones in the theatre with us didn’t seem too bothered, as they were busy running up and down the stairs the entire time. Well, what do you expect when you go to see a kid’s movie? My poor husband had a lousy day at work and I dragged him along with me: suffice to say, Disney really isn’t the ticket for everyone when they’re in a bad mood. But he was such a good sport, even if he did eat all the popcorn. Fair is fair, I guess.

Also last night I sat down for a second and listened to the tape the L.A. Times Festival of Books sent me from the panel I did there with Gary Soto, E.R. Frank, and M.T. Anderson. It’s so weird to hear my voice, always, but I was sure I sounded especially twangy this time. Those of you who know me know that I don’t think I have a Southern accent, although I am constantly told otherwise by non-Southerners…believe me, around here, you know a real accent when you hear one. But I have to admit on tape I do hear something. So weird.

Okay, so I know I talked about America’s Next Top Model yesterday and how innane it is but as I was bored yesterday I stumbled across this , which was incredibly engrossing and funny even though I don’t know much about the show.

Another confession: last night, I found myself lingering at the beginning of the new Fame. It’s going to be a long summer if there’s only reality on…will I cave? (Insert soap opera-style dramatic crescendo music here.) Luckily I was saved last night when I got up to go fold laundry and came back to find my husband completely absorbed in Enter the Dragon. Now THAT’s quality television.

have a good day everyone!