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This morning, one of the top stories on the local news was that last night at midnight, Clay Aiken’s first single went on sale. (So did Ruben’s, but I’m working the local angle here.) Then the news cut to video of people at Schoolkids Records in Raleigh buying the single. They looked happy, laughing. The employees rang up the CD’s. And put them in….black bags with the AC/DC logo on them. I am almost postive this was no accident. But even if it was, it’s hysterical. Made my day, which is a wonderful thing when it happens at 8:30 a.m.

Today I also take a moment to be grateful for the fact that I am not freaking out about getting wedding in less than twelve hours, as I was doing three years ago today. I was a terrible bride-to-be, ask anyone who was unlucky enough to be around me. Totally stressed, on edge for months. I remember I woke up today, my wedding day, those three years ago and had to walk from the swanky hotel where I was staying to the Texaco next door to buy razors, which I’d forgotten to pack. This was the Texaco of my high school years, the Zip Mart, which in Lullaby and other books morphed into the Quik Zip. Anyway, I walked in and the woman behind the counter started complaining to me about how tired she was and other things, just making conversation in that early morning, work-is-hell kind of way. And I told her I was getting married that afternoon, and she just stopped talking. Lit up. Smiled big. “Good for you!” she said, as she handed me my change. “God bless!” Which was really very nice. And while it wasn’t a huge moment in my life, I somehow remember her, and it, to this day, three years later. It’s been fun so far. Marriage: I totally recommend it. Really.

have a good day everyone!