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I am having a hard time getting motivated today. I really need to go get the mail. And take out the garbage. And yet here I sit.


Last night, we watched Old School, which I just think is so funny…I think it has something to do with Will Ferrell, who to me is just about the funniest person in the entire world. He’s funny just breathing. Sure, it’s crass and base and I should be ashamed and watching Amelie again for culture and nuance, but anyone who reads this journal regularly knows I’m just Not Like That. Sometimes, you just need jokes about streaking and stupid visual gags, the same way sometimes you just need to listen to sappy adult contemporary radio stations or just need to eat six cupcakes because, dammit, they’re there.

(I think, upon a second read of the above paragraph, I am confessing too much. Again.)

I’m going to get the mail now.

have a good day everyone!