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Good morning.

I’ve talked here before about how I review books for the Raleigh paper. This is a great gig for many reasons, but primarily because I get free books. LOTS of free books. They send me the Bridget-Jones/Nanny Diaries/Single-Chick-Looking-for-Love books, and I love those kinds of books, so it works out well for all involved. I cull through what they send, pick out the good stuff, and write pieces recommending them.

(Although, as I’ve also talked about here before, I can’t read everything they send me. As a writer, I used to feel horribly guilty if I didn’t finish every book, even if I didn’t like it, but because of time constraints I’ve had to get a little more hard-hearted. Before, I read at least 100 pages. Then 75. Now I’m about about 50. If you can’t grab me, an easy to please reader, in fifty pages, well, then, you probably won’t grab most people.)

Anyway. Every once in awhile I get a bit burned out on the books I’ve been reading, so I pick up something totally different to cleanse the palate, as it were. This weekend, I read James Frey’s memoir A Million Little Pieces and I have to say, after several books in a row about witty girls struggling with relationships and various comic situations, it was a serious shock to the system. Yowza. This is not a book for the faint of heart, let me just say that. But it’s incredibly compelling and you just can’t stop reading….forget fifty pages. He got me in fifty words. Highly recommended, and as a plus on Amazon they’re offering a deal with Adrian Nicole LeBlanc’s Random Family, also a non-fiction book, also incredible, one of the best books I read all year.

Now it’s back to women’s fiction, which is what I do best. Need proof? Check out this article from this Sunday’s paper, in which local authors were asked for great summer reads. Notice how I cop to my non-literary ways, right off the bat. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Reading is an amazing thing. It’s personal. It’s incredible. And it all counts, every single word.

have a good day everyone!