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You know how you’ll have a week where it seems like nothing is happening, and then all of a sudden you’re so busy you’re freaking out?

That’s me today. Hi.

Anyway, there’s a lot looming in the next few days. We have a wedding to attend, errands to run, all kinds of craziness. I crave solitude, but when I have it I’m bored. When I’m like this all I want is to collapse and do nothing. Typical.

Lately, I’ve been sort of deluged with some stressful/sad news about people I care about, and I was getting to the point where things just seemed really depressing, like there was no good in the world. (I know these feelings pass, they always do, but it stinks when you’re mired in them.) But yesterday something happened to make me realize the world is still okay.

I had just gone to the ATM and taken out forty dollars. Then I went to the grocery store, where I was standing in line, fiddling with my money, and I realized I only had twenty…I started freaking out, digging around in my wallet, cursing under my breath, and then I turned around and looked behind me, where there was this guy with tattoos and a piercing, holding a Mountain Dew and a twenty dollar bill, which he’d just picked up off the floor and was now holding out to me. I thanked him for being honest. He seemed embarrassed. I felt better, at any rate. A little thing, sure, but these days, you take what you can.

*draws in deep breath*

Got to go do stuff. Have a good day everyone!