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29 days

The countdown continues….

Before I forget, I want to take a second to say thank you to Amanda, who has put together this awesome fan site for That Summer , which is just so sweet and nice it made my day yesterday. Really.

And now it’s Thursday. I have a million errands to run. I told my mother the other day that if J. Alfred Prufrock’s life was measured out in coffee spoons (forgive my English major digression) that I feel like mine is breaking down to a series of trips to the bank and loads of laundry. Coffee spoons are much more exotic, I think.

Anyway, lately, as I’ve been driving around doing said errands, I’ve been hearing a lot of old songs that are stirring up memories. Back to back the other day, for example, I heard two songs that really bring to mind specific moments of my life: “Fast Car,” by Tracy Chapman and “Hold Me Now” by the Thompson Twins. (I would worry I was totally dating myself here, if not for the laundry/errand comments earlier. What’s done is done.) “Fast Car” will always remind me of a really rotten time in my life when I was eighteen and about to drop out of college (don’t ask) and “Hold Me Now” will forever be associated with eighth grade, when me and my friend Hannah listened to it nonstop. There are other songs, other associations, as well. Anything by Pink Floyd reminds me of high school (again, don’t ask) whereas anything by John Anderson (specifically “Straight Tequila Night” and “Seminole Wind”) bring me back instantly to working lunches at the Burrito during my last year of college, those Tuesday morning shifts where I had to show up at 10:30 to vaccum the entire restaurant. It’s weird how just hearing a single song can immediately transport you back to another time in your life, boom, just like that. I don’t think anything else can do that, really. Good or bad, all it takes is a few notes, and you remember. Whether you want to, or not.

have a good day everyone….