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25 days

Good morning.

Last night, I watched the first episode of the new season of Sex and the City. (To warm up, I watched the last episode on my season 4 DVD, how much of a nerd am I? Don’t answer that.) And I just love, love, LOVE that show. When it ends, in March or whenever, I am going to be truly crushed. But at least we still have two more DVD sets to look forward to.

However, I have to say that I’m not quite sure about this Jack character and Carrie. After Big and Aidan, doesn’t he seem a little….flat? Like he doesn’t really have a personality, or something. I loved that guy in Office Space, but here I’m just not feeling it. Maybe I need to go back and watch him in last season. Also new this season: a curvier SJP, and I think she looks fabulous. (To use Samantha’s word.) Finally, a show to look forward to every week in this vast sea of reruns and reality shows. Hallelujah!

Meanwhile, things are just trucking along, as you can see by the countdown above. We here at are working away on website updates for your viewing pleasure, as well as other things that will Be Revealed Later. (I say We, but I really mean my brother and sister-in-law, who handle all the web stuff, while I find just posting these journal entries to be about a technical a thing as I can handle.) We were in Greensboro for a wedding this weekend, and of course I found myself stalking the aisles of the local chain bookstore to see if they had any of my books, and they did, which is nice because I hate it when I check and they don’t and then I feel like a total loser. Meanwhile, I keep going to the Amazon site for the How to Deal paperback, and there’s no cover image, which is making me nuts, since Mandy Moore on the cover is really sort of a draw, don’t you think? (The image is on the Barnes and Noble site, but not Amazon. Go figure, I have no idea how this works either.)


Forgive my angst. It is Monday, right?

Right. And it’s also beautiful, the sun is out, and I am not going to spend my day sitting here in front of the computer biting my nails and worrying about things over which I have no control, none at all. If you can’t let go and relax in the summer, when can you?

have a good day everyone!