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24 days


I had the worst sleep ever last night. Don’t you hate when that happens? Toss. Turn. Bad dreams. And it wasn’t just me. At about two a.m., as I glared at the clock next to my bed, I heard my dog make this whining, bad-dream sound. Must be going around.

But anyway. It’s a new day now! (Forced cheerfulness, I have found, actually works. Sometimes.)

Yesterday, on total impulse, I bought Sweet Home Alabama on DVD. I’d seen it in the theatre and thought, eh, it was okay, but for some reason I wanted to see it again, and I have to say I liked it better on second viewing. I still had issue with a lot of the broad Southern stereotyping, though. FYI: not everyone in the South drives a truck. In the movie, Reese’s daddy did. Her ex husband did. And his momma did, too. In fact, I didn’t see a single sedan driven by anyone other than Yankees, and let me tell you, down here it is just not like that. I drive a sedan myself. So there. Otherwise, though, the movie was cute, and apparently the DVD features an alternate ending, which I’m looking forward to watching as I thought the original one felt kind of tacked on. But I do love Reese Witherspoon. Between Charlie’s Angels and Legally Blonde 2 opening in the next two weeks, I’ll finally have movies that I really WANT to see. It’s about time!

(Warning: this next paragraph involves showtunes. Scroll past it if you can’t deal.)

Meanwhile, I read on E Online! (too tired to link, sorry) that Miramax, coming off of the success that was Chicago, is doing another musical: Damn Yankees. How cool is that? (Are you listening, Anna and Rachel?) Those damn yankees, why can’t we beat them, he’s out he’s safe he’s out he’s safe he’s out he’s safe he’s out! You’re blind, ump, you’re blind ump, you must be outta your mind, ump! I haven’t listened to that record in years, but my parents had it when I was younger and I wore it out listening. I’m already thinking who they’ll get to play Lola….hmmmmm.

(Okay. The singing’s over now.)

have a good day everyone!