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Yesterday, Bianca and I started the juggernaut that is our press assault on local media and bookstores for How to Deal. It is a grassroots effort, really, consisting of her and I and a lot of stamps and envelopes. Also, there was driving around, getting stuck in traffic, enduring a child screaming nonstop at the post office while we waited in line, and sightings of cute boys working at independent bookstores (which we have decided is the *new* wave of cute boys, boys at independent record stores are so over, it’s all about cute boys at bookstores, too bad we’re both old and married, oh well). We were greeted with curiousity and support everywhere we went, however, which was very nice, and we handed out How to Deal posters, which people seemed to like. We decided that we were a “street team,” of sorts, which we found to be absolutely hysterical, considering real street teams for promotions consist of savvy, urban twenty-somethings, trendsetters, which we decidedly are not (see old and married, above). Once we hit the independents, we went to the chains, where at one customer service desk, as we approached with our materials and poster, the guy working watched us warily, as if he had been assaulted by writers armed with promotional materials entirely too many times that day. I think we scared him. Maybe that’s a street team thing. Anyway, it all worked out fine, although I think he was a little less enthused than everyone else about the poster. Oh, well. Part of doing publicity is being shameless, I guess. Good thing I already have that down.

Now some pictures of the street team *snort* in action:

That’s Bianca, assembling packets. Note how professional we are, with the treadmill in the background.

And here’s me, posing across the street from the Regulator Bookshop, where we got the warmest reception, and can we just say we love John Valentine?

So exciting, I know. So this is what it feels like to be part of a media onslaught.


Anyway. Speaking of press issues, we’ve done some updates to my website along those lines. So exciting. You can check out the new stuff here, if you’re so inclined.

Okay, enough media. Enough plug-plug-plugging. Enough everything! I’m going to watch TV.

have a good day everyone!