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21 days

Okay, so I didn’t update yesterday, ENTIRELY too much to do, and now I find myself here, racing against the clock again. The Street Team’s press assault has been more successful than I could have hoped, which is great, but it also means I’m running around like a crazy person and my calendar is filling up fast. Plus I’m getting my picture taken for the paper today and we all know how well I photograph, God help me, but I’m trying to stay calm and mellow about it.

*takes deep breath*

Anyway. I have to comment on the fact that last night I finally got to watch the “alternate ending” of Sweet Home Alabama, and Adam you were right: it was so freaking creepy and morbid. What were they thinking? I thought the ending I saw in the theatre was kind of a letdown, but thank God they didn’t go with their original plan. Yikes! (I will not provide a spoiler, for those of you who haven’t seen it. Suffice to say it gave me the willies.)

And now it’s Friday. Which is wonderful. But where the heck did June go? Monday is the last day of the month…time is literally flying. I look at my calendar and see how close the movie opening is and I start looking for a paper bag to breathe into, no joke. (Although I am not yet under the bed: I’ll be sure to let you know, or have someone let you know, if that actually happens.)

Therapy for all of this stress, good stress though it is, is to go to the movies. Charlie’s Angels opens today, and how excited am I? Very. I can’t wait to hit the mulitplex, sink down in the dark with my popcorn, and lose myself in some ass-kicking for a couple of hours. Bliss. But until then….

*checks computer clock*

Good God. I have to go!

have a good day everyone!