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20 days

Okay, so apparently now there’s a How to Deal commercial running. I am glad that someone told me this, because if I was just flipping through and saw it I think I would probably fall off the couch into some sort of spasm. Really.

I’ve had two emails in the last twenty fours hours saying to me “This is REAL!” which apparently it is, although at moments, close-to-spasm, it’s hard to believe. Yikes. Double Yikes. My husband saw the trailer again with Charlie’s Angels yesterday, which he liked very much, because he likes Cameron Diaz VERY much. Although he has apparently lost some respect for her since hearing she may now be with Justin Timberlake. My husband usually takes the high road when it comes to all my celebrity magazines and dishing, but when it comes to Cameron he’s serious. (He’s not much of a Justin fan, let’s just say.)

I think New Line has now officially begun their media saturation: so far I’ve heard of pop-up quizzes, (which AOL is apparently, and kindly, blocking for me) big posters in the T stations in Boston (thanks Adam and Ryan), a commercial, and something happening on Sunset which, due to my software, I’m just not able to see right now. And I just saw something on about Mandy Moore being a “top brunette.” Aren’t all brunettes tops? (Okay, so I’m biased.)

Now that I do know there’s a commercial, I may have to watch MTV all day so I can try to catch it. (I can think of worse activities.) And doesn’t MADE premiere today? It’s the one reality-type show I actually really like…I think I hear the couch calling.

(Hold on. I have to go chase a deer out of my yard.

Okay. I’m back.)

And that’s really what’s so funny about all of this. So much Hollywood excitement, and then the everyday just pops back up. (No AOL blocking that, I guess.) No matter what happens with the movie, the deer will still be moving through my yard, making a beeline for my black-eyed susans, and I’ll have to drop everything I’m doing to dash down the stairs and scream at them. A good way to remember what is my real life, all this excitement aside. But it is exciting.

have a good day everyone!