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18 days

Good morning.

Well. What a weekend. Yesterday I went to see Charlie’s Angels, which was just great. Not Shakespeare in Love or American Beauty great, of course not, but why would you want it to be? Charlie’s Angels reminds me of marshmallow fluff: it has no real redeemable quality, it’s not nutritious, but it’s not totally bad for you, it’s just so enjoyable and fun and good. I love fluff. I love Charlie’s Angels. And seeing it made me so happy, I can’t even tell you.

Also, while waiting for it to begin, I finally got to see the How to Deal trailer with someone next to me—my friend Leigh—so I had someone to poke and prod excitedly throughout the entire thing. Every other time I’ve just had to sit there grinning like an idiot, which, while fun, is not the same as sharing the experience.

I really think I’m going to have to pace myself with all this or I’ll just get entirely too excited and collapse before it actually even comes out.


Meanwhile, I still haven’t seen the commercial. I don’t think I watch enough television, or something, truly something I’ve never stopped to worry about before. Today, though, I’m going to plant myself in front of TRL. It is movie week, after all, so I think I might have a good chance of catching it then. Before that, though, a reporter from my local paper is coming over to do an interview…which means I have about an hour to clean my house, find something decent to wear, beg my dogs to behave, and do some heavy Zen breathing so I seem much more relaxed than I am. Easy, right?

Before I do all that, though, I’d just like to alert all you UK folks that Lullaby is now available on Amazon.UK…check it out here. It’s got a new cover, which I LOVE, by the way. I think they’ll also be releasing Someone Like You in the UK in tandem with the movie coming out there, although none of us seem to know when that might happen. According to IMDB, though, it’s opening in Australia on Thursday. Could that even be possible?

All I know is that the Fourth of July is on Friday, and that’s one of my very favorite holidays so I am totally excited. A summer holiday, where you’re practically obligated to eat devilled eggs and potato salad…now that’s something I love. Even more than fluff. Maybe.

have a good day everyone!