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17 days



I really need to wake up. I have a reporter coming here soon and I really shouldn’t greet him looking like I just rolled out of bed five seconds ago.

In other news, I am now pretty much sure I’m the only person who hasn’t seen the How to Deal commerical. How is this possible? I have never doubted my total media saturation level until this moment. Last night I even watched Spongebob AND The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon in the hopes that it might pop up there. No luck. And I forgot to watch TRL yesterday. What is wrong with me? I am going to see it today, I swear to God, or else. But with all this active looking, it will probably be when I’m just flipping, having given up entirely, that it will finally pop up on my screen. Isn’t that always the way?

In the meantime, I have seen commercials for just about Every Other Movie Opening This Summer, including about a million for Pirates of the Carribean, which I can’t even see without thinking of my cousin Anna and her joke about it (which I will not tell here, since it is *her* joke—maybe she’ll leave it on the comment page) and I’m sorry, but it’s just not in me to take any pirate movie seriously, even if it does have Johnny Depp. Plus there’s Terminator III, which looks sort of like a big yawn, but then it’s not my kind of movie, really, and then of course Bad Boys 2, which I am sure is just fine but I’m a little biased about what’s opening that same weekend, so I’ll probably have to catch it another time. Which leaves Legally Blonde, which I WILL be seeing sometime this weekend, but even before that, we have How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days arriving on DVD today, a movie I very very much enjoyed, and will be purchasing before the weekend. I love Kate Hudson. Love Matthew McCoughneay (although I can’t spell his name to save my life) and isn’t a good chick flick, even on DVD, just so long overdue?


have a good day everyone!