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16 days

Hello. We’re in the middle of a tropical storm here. How are you?

So we’re at sixteen days, which is very close to fourteen, which is two weeks, which makes me sort of freak out every time I think about it. And NO, I still haven’t seen the commercial. I don’t even want to talk about it.


Speaking of the movie, however, my publisher’s put up this little essay thing I wrote for their zine, Razorbill, about going to Toronto last summer. You can check it out here, as well as a lot of stuff by other authors.

Oh, my goodness, it is seriously pouring. I’m thinking being on the computer is probably Not Too Smart right now, so I’ll just quickly add that I’ve found a new movie to pine for, and wait for expectantly, once How To Deal finally comes out (16 days! yikes!). It’s the new one starring Julia Roberts, and the trailer is just SO good. It’s called Mona Lisa Smile. Watch it here and just see if you don’t completely agree with me. I dare you!

Time to go build an ark, I think. Goodness.

have a good day everyone!