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14 days

Happy Fourth of July!

So the big development this week (among many big developments) is that I got TiVo on Tuesday, and it is just so much fun. You can set it up to tape just about anything, and you can even pause live TV (don’t ask me how it works, it just does) so that if someone calls during Will and Grace you don’t have to miss half, or all of it, and then feel all bitter and angry all night. (Okay, so maybe you wouldn’t react so strongly.) Currently I have it programmed to tape anything featuring Mandy Moore or How to Deal, so I won’t miss anything in the next couple of weeks (gulp!) as things get busy. It keeps taping A Walk to Remember, which is nice of it and everything, but I have that on DVD, thanks. I keep thinking of Miranda on Sex and the City saying that TiVo had become her boyfriend, more considerate and faithful than any man could be. I can’t have a boyfriend because I have a husband, but I do like it. A lot.

Meanwhile, there have been a lot of questions lately about whether I am going to the How to Deal premiere. And the answer is: I think so. Details are still a little sketchy, but it looks promising. Even without knowing for sure, though, I am already having wardrobe dilemma. Does anyone reading this have experience in such matters? What should I wear? I was in Banana Republic looking around recently, and I found a couple of things, but every time I start to really think about it I get all freaked out and leave. Entirely too much responsibility! I mean, I know I’m not doing the red carpet, no one will care about me, but I do want to look nice. It’s a long weekend, you have a couple of days. Advice, anyone?

With that done, I’m going to go do something in which I am very experienced: making devilled eggs for this, our Independence Day. Yum!

have a good day everyone!