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11 days

Good morning.

Well, there’s a lot happening. (I feel like I’m saying that quite often lately…but there is a lot happening. So it’s not exactly a lie.) This weekend I saw the How to Deal commercial a bunch more times (and shrieked when I saw that at the very end of one of them, if you look closely and know where to look, you can see my name. On national television! Good God) and now even have it saved by TiVo, my new best friend. Bianca and I hit the mall Saturday for a marathon shopping expedition—thanks to everyone who offered advice on clothes, by the way, for my possible trip to the premiere—if it happens I will post pictures of whatever I end up wearing (now, at least, I have options. And I love options. Don’t you?).

In other news, there’s a cool new discussion board about How to Deal the book on Book Divas, where, at the end of the week, I’ll be answering questions about the book and the movie. This is a great book site, and it’s affiliated with seventeen magazine, what more do you want? I bought the new issue of seventeen this weekend, because Mandy was on the cover, but I have to say flipping through it makes me feel so old. It’s all about going off to college and decorating your dorm room, with articles on How To Get To Know Your Professors, and sitting there flipping through I realized that’s ME they’re talking about, the professor, which just made me have to shut it and go eat cookies until I calmed down. I do love that magazine, though. And the article where Mandy talks about everything she wants to do before she’s 30—gulp!–is really fun.

ALSO, the first interview I did ran in the local paper yesterday. You can check it out here. I am such a nerd I didn’t even pick up the paper yesterday, had no idea this had run until someone emailed me to say how much they liked it. Then I had to run down and dig it out of the ditch next to my mailbox (watching out for snakes as I did so…I saw one on Friday, so freaking scary!). Like I said, things are exciting. Can’t you tell?

Finally, I saw Legally Blonde 2 yesterday and loved it. I don’t care what the critics say, I thought it was great, and, as always, I found myself marvelling at Reese Witherspoon on so many levels. Between this weekend, with Blonde, and last weekend, with Charlie’s Angels, there have finally been movies I really want to see….and I don’t think I’m alone. We don’t all only want to watch stuff explode and people shoot each other, do we? We need chick flicks. Badly. So what if Reese didn’t beat the Terminator. She still made twenty-something million. And I liked her movie. So there.

*takes deep breath*

Okay, I think that’s everything. For now anyway.

Have a good day everyone!