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10 days

Yikes. How can it only be ten days?

*takes deep breath*

Okay. I’m fine now.

Well. Today the soundtrack for How to Deal officially goes on sale—as I’ve said before, it’s really a good soundtrack, worth the money. I keep hearing that Liz Phair song everywhere I go: I heard it the other day in Linens N’ Things, as I was perusing the pillowcases. (Hello, alliteration!) Anyway. I love that song, I love a lot of the songs. And I have to go to Best Buy today anyway, so maybe I’ll just pick up a couple of extra copies, you know, to have around. You never know. Could come in handy.

Meanwhile, an interview I did with is up today, very nice to see that. Thanks, Lori! I’ve had a bunch of other requests in the last couple of days, all of which I am trying to accomodate. I just keep telling myself that things are going to be crazybusy for the next, oh, ten days, and then I can totally collapse. That’s my plan, anyway. Last night I could barely keep my eyes open until ten o’clock. How sad is that?

I watched the Sex and The City I TiVoed on Sunday (is that even a verb?) and I have to say, well, it wasn’t the greatest one ever. What’s up with Big, anyway? Sort of a weird episode, him calling from the hot tub. I don’t know, maybe he just doesn’t work for me in California. And still….the Berger thing isn’t ringing any bells for me. I do love Charlotte, though. She’s the best thing so far this season. How much did you love her oy? Afterwards, I watched Project Greenlight, which otherwise I would have always missed, and *that* show is really compelling. I feel so much for the scriptwriter: I wanted her to rise up and fight! And maybe she did, because I didn’t get to see the end because my husband and a friend came home, and then the dogs were barking, and the phone ringing, and finally I just crawled into bed, which was the only place I could just get some peace. I’ll have to catch the rest later, during another peaceful moment. Maybe in eleven days?

All in all, though, this is all totally fun. Yesterday, I went by my former place of employment, the world famous Flying Burrito. My old boss, Phil, decided to work the phones for me: he started calling around to all these people he knew, and the next thing I knew, I was going to be on the local radio station on Wednesday AND signing How to Deal posters at the restaurant on Friday night. How did that happen? Phil thinks that we should work to recapture my Burrito glory days by having someone smear rice and beans on me, and then maybe I can cry in the walk-in cooler, as I was prone to do when things got to be Too Much. Good times, right? The weird thing is, they were. They really were. Standing there yesterday, I kept thinking back to all the afternoons at the Burrito before opening, when I was putting on my apron and rolling silverware, when I wanted to be a published writer more than anything. Never in a million years did I ever think anything like what’s happening now would actually happen. It boggles the mind. Really.

Okay, enough nostalgia. I have errands to run. Dogs to let out. Things to do.

*takes deep breath*

here I go.

Have a good day everyone!